Raff and Renata opened Giacobazzi's Delicatessen in February 1991. Things were not easy in the beginning: Hampstead already had several delis, the recession was in full flow and two days after opening it started snowing!

Raff comes from the Apennine mountains of Northern Italy, in between Modena and Bologna.

Renata is London born but is very proud of her Italian blood!

Her mother was from the same village as Raff and her father

is from near Parma.



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After marrying and living in Italy for three years, they decided to come to London, as Renata was convinced that she was not the only one who would

love to eat Raff's food!

Raff and Renata go back to their home in Italy at least once a year,

mainly to be spoilt by their families but also to seek out

new and interesting recipes! 

25 years on, Raff and Renata have seen their deli develop into a successful

business and they are well known among their local community. They were overjoyed when their son Carlo decided to join the family business, now Carlo and manager Roberto are instrumental in taking the business into the future with Raff and Renata taking care of the old traditions.


The formula that made them so popular? They do not compromise on the quality of their food, nor on their high standards of service.

Giacobazzi's team comes from all over Italy: Veneto, Tuscany,

Rome, Sardinia and Emilia-Romagna, we are also lucky enough to have germans, romanians, a Barcelonian and a few Londoners who love Italian food and culture helping us with our work!

Every time you come in, you take home a small piece of Italy whether

the spirit, the passion or the food.

To introduce the delights of the deli to a wider audience; the new guard, Carlo and Roberto will be organising tastings,

events, offers and helping design the new website.




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